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Glass Handling Graphite Grades

Heat-resistant, durable, hot glass-handling graphite materials that perform under the most rigorous conditions and reduce cost of ownership.

Our portfolio of GLASSMATE® graphite materials are specifically designed for use in hot glass-contact applications. These materials have the heat resistance, strength, durability, and non-absorption characteristics that enable our precision-machined parts to perform under the most rigorous conditions without damage. Creation of tightly controlled isotropic grains produce finished parts with predictable behavior, enabling reliable, repeatable production runs. Our hot glass-handling materials offer excellent performance and reduce mechanical damage, increasing pack rates.

Our graphite grades are available as billets, semi-finished rods, blocks, plates, and fully machined parts. 

Data sheet


Data sheet


Data sheet

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GLASSMATE®-SR graphite is an ideal insert material for thick, bead transfer applications, and an economical choice for short production runs.
Average Particle Size (μ)
  • 10
Flexural Strength (psi)
  • 8,400
Hardness (shore)
  • 68
Oxidation Threshold (°F °C)
  • 860/460
GLASSMATE®-XL graphite is our strongest material, developed to provide maximum durability, reduced porosity, and improved surface quality.
Average Particle Size (μ)
  • 1
Flexural Strength (psi)
  • 15,250
Hardness (shore)
  • 88
Oxidation Threshold (°F °C)
  • 842/450
Our GLASSMATE®-GM graphite has been developed for precision processes in glass handling applications with elevated wear rates.
Average Particle Size (μ)
  • 3
Flexural Strength (psi)
  • 13,300
Hardness (shore)
  • 72
Oxidation Threshold (°F °C)
  • 842/450
GLASSMATE®-LT graphite was developed for applications that require durable materials in conditions that cause extreme wear.
Average Particle Size (μ)
  • 3
Flexural Strength (psi)
  • 14,000
Hardness (shore)
  • 96
Oxidation Threshold (°F °C)
  • 878/470
GLASSMATE®-HT graphite is designed for applications with temperatures up to 600°C.
Average Particle Size (μ)
  • 5
Flexural Strength (psi)
  • 11,800
Hardness (shore)
  • 74
Oxidation Threshold (°F °C)
  • 1,125/607
CXT-X graphite is the ideal material for bulkier parts in the glass handling process.
Average Particle Size (μ)
  • 20
Flexural Strength (psi)
  • 9,800
Hardness (shore)
  • 71