CXT-X Graphite

Interested in CXT-X Graphite?

Interested in CXT-X Graphite?


  • Lehr stacker pads
  • Fabrication of large glass-handling parts
  • Applications not requiring high material strength


Particle size
20 µm (787 µin)
Apparent density
1.7 g/cm3 (0.061 lb/in3)
Compressive strength 110 MPa (15,900 psi)
Flexural strength1 68 MPa (9,800 psi)
Shore hardness 71
Coefficient of thermal expansion 7.8 µm/m°C (4.2 µin/in°F)
Thermal conductivity2 85 W/m-K (50 Btu-ft/hr/ft2°F)
Purity <3000 ppm ash
Oxidation threshold3 450°C (842°F

 1Measured using three-point bend method. 2Approximate values taken at room temperature; as temperature increases, thermal conductivity decreases. 3Oxidation threshold defined as temperature at which oxidation weight loss after 24 hours is approximately 1%. (Size 0.5" x 0.5" x 1").


Grade Chart

GLASSMATE® Graphite Grades Table