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Thermal Management Graphite Materials

A unique manufacturing process yields a lightweight, porous graphite that has high thermal conductivity and very efficient thermal energy transfer characteristics.

Our thermal management materials utilize our unique and tightly controlled treatment systems. These materials are proven to have thermal conductivity up to 10 times higher than metallic foam materials, such as aluminum foam. Our unique material permits design flexibility, which is advantageous in specialty products that require a unique thermal management system.

Our graphite grades are available as billets, semi-finished rods, blocks, and plates and finished components.

Featured Content

HTC Graphite

Featured Content

HTC Graphite

Featured Content

HTC Graphite
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Our medium density HTC graphite is designed for applications that require high thermal performance and light weights.
Density (g cc)
  • 0.9
Compressive Strength
  • 855
Pocofoam® graphite foam is a low density, high porosity thermal management material ideally suited to handle intermittent temperature loads.
Density (g cc)
  • 0.5
Compressive Strength
  • 400