Take-Out Holders

Interested in take-out holders?

Interested in take-out holders?



Our original holder design has been in operation at bottle manufacturers for over three decades, and continues to provide reliable service for high-volume manufacturing.

Dual Function (PR2)

To facilitate pickup in the finish of the bottle, we developed the PR2 holder. This holder allows for the 'float' needed to adjust the pickup point to fine features.

Interior Locking Spring (ILS)

Take-out holders function over long periods in a high-vibration environment. Frequently this causes the screws that secure the locking springs that hold the insert to loosen and fall out. To combat this known problem, we developed the Interior Locking Spring (ILS) system. This design is self locking so it does not need screws, which eliminates the inevitable loss of small metal parts into the workings of the IS machine. The ILS is made of 17-4 PH stainless steel for increased durability.


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