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EDM Training

Not only is Entegris POCO Materials known as a manufacturer of superior EDM grades of graphite electrode materials, we are also a leading provider of EDM performance solutions. We support the industry with training and technical information through our EDM Training Program that offers free, basic and advanced classes. Classes are held either at our training center in Texas or onsite at customer facilities. Trained applications engineers are also available worldwide to answer those tough EDM questions that help you better control the EDM process to achieve predictable results.

Program Logistics

  • The 3-day EDM Basic Training Program begins on Monday morning and concludes on Wednesday afternoon.
  • The 2-day EDM Advanced Training Program begins on Thursday morning and concludes on Friday afternoon.
  • Both training programs are conducted at our EDM Technical Center in Decatur, Texas.
  • We do not charge for these programs.
    Attendees are responsible for travel and lodging.

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EDM Training Boosts Productivity
Training Courses
  • EDM Basic Training

    Properties and Characteristics of Graphite
    One of the keys to selecting the best grade of graphite for any application is to know the material classifications and understand how to use the information on the specification sheets. The properties and characteristics of each grade of material are indicators of the type of performance that can be expected during the EDM process. Students will become familiar with the different graphite classifications and learn about their physical properties and the interrelationships that make each class unique. Students will also view our Materials Technology and Metrology Laboratory and see how materials are tested. They may also see how grade verification and identification of materials by manufacturer and grade are performed. Demonstrations show how the material properties and characteristics help identify unknown and unmarked samples.

    EDM Basics
    This course covers the theory of the EDM process and identifies components of the EDM machine. The five key factors in selecting an electrode material are also discussed in depth. Students work through a series of calculations and formulas to determine the machine settings necessary to achieve performance requirements such as metal removal rate, surface finish, and electrode wear.

    EDM Sinker Technology
    Various machine settings are used to demonstrate the effect on metal removal rate, surface finish, or electrode wear. Through a series of test cuts, students calculate the results and evaluate the performance of selected electrode/workmetal combinations. This hands-on approach allows each student to fully understand how the operator can control the EDM performance to get predictable results.

  • EDM Advanced Training

    Our Advanced Training curriculum is for students who wish to review more challenging aspects of the EDM process. The topics covered in the Advanced Course dive deeper into these more complex areas of EDM, and address students questions regarding applying these topics in their unique applications. In part, the training curriculum includes:

    • Spark energy
    • Electrode undersizing
    • Surface finish measurement
    • Orbiting
    • Optimizing adaptive control
    • Electrode design
    • Advanced EDM operation

    Because the Advanced Training program is an extension of topics discussed during Basic Training, we strongly encourage students to attend the Basic Training program prior to registering for the Advanced course. First-time students of the Basic Training session will have the option to register for the Advanced session as well. Former students are welcome to join us for the Advanced session only, or retake Basic Training as a refresher.

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